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New Logo - New Strength

Volvo has announced and sort of unveiled the new logo to be assciated with certain models and products over the next year.


Current Volvo logo on left, new logo on right
the old volvo logo refreshed with horizontal word mark reduced. See it appear sometime after 2022.


Family Day a success for 2019

Great turnout this year at the Ilderton Property of Bev & Beverly Hughes. 

Fun to see so many old volvos come out and by the attendance numbers it looks like the club has a good future.


2019 Volvo Family Day Event
Great to see so many Volvos out for a day in the beautiful surrounds at Ilderton Ontario.


Volvo Electric

Volvo to go electric and hybrid only starting in 2019

Announcement 'marks the end of the solely combustion engine-powered car,' CEO says


July 05, 2017

According to the NYT, this is the boldest commitment by a conventional car maker, to the new technology. Volvo will then be the first car maker to shake off its reliance on the manufacturing of internal combustion engine propelled cars. Wow!

See the NYT article
Read the original article on the New York Times site.


Family Day 2015

The CVC Family Fun day will be once again hosted by Bev & Bev Hughes in Ilderton Ontario. This will be a great day for all our members and future members to get out and meet everyone. Prizes include the People's choice award, door prizes and a 50/50 draw. Be there Sunday July 26th between 9am and 4pm.

Blowing oil seals? Messy but temp fix to get the car mobile

I have driven my share of old engines, mostly 240s and 700s series Volvos and one thing that amazes me about blowing oil seals is that some people think that by pushing that seal back in and securing it to the head or valve cover will stop it from happening again, but it may make it worse.

Just over a year ago I took over a heavy miler 850GLT, great little runner with about 340,000 km on the dash, (the odometer gear was found on the floor, so someone had pulled it and it wasn't showing any new kms.) Lately, it started to blow the cam seal. I noted that on pulling it out it had been worked on before with lots of orange RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) sealant. So the issue had been happening for a while then. I picked up a new seal and popped it in. Went in nicely but it popped out in a matter of minutes. So there must have been another problem. So I took the oil cap off - refitted the seal, then started the engine and was getting lots of blow off from the valve cover. i.e. lots of back pressure. So I know that the seal is not the problem it is the crank case ventilation system. 

In order to stop my seal blowing out, I have pulled the dipstick up about 1 inch to let out the back pressure. Once the engine is warm, I can see a spout of mixed gases coming out through the dipstick tube- a clear sign that I have a blocked PCV (positive crankcase ventilation system). Once it is warm enough this spring, I will change out the system and change my oil.

It could be the end of Petrol & Diesel?

According to an article I read on Bloomberg, Toyota is planning on releasing its much touted hydrogen fuel cell technology in 2015 select models. The price will be pegged somewhere between $50,000 to $100,000 way short of the cost of the current H2 cars running around California right now (approx $1,000,000 each)

I wait with anticipation to see who else gets on this technology.



Volvo brings back the "shooting brake"

If you are not sure what a shooting brake is, take a look at the 1800ES- it represents a design that has been known as a shooting brake since the days of horse drawn wagons.

The last shooting brake design Volvo created was the C30 which  finished its production series last year. Now we get a sneak peek at the new XC Coupé design.

Volvo XC Couple Concept


Canadian Volvo Club 34th Annual Family Day

Sunday, July 27th, 2014, 9am - 4pm

Hosted by Bev & Bev Hughes

22679 Wonderland Road North Ilderton, Ontario

Car Show & Flea Market People's Choice Awards! Door Prizes & 50/50 Draw Food Booth and Children's Activites & Play Area $10 per car registration for CVC members! ( $15 for non-members)

For more information, including accommodation, please use the links below in the attachment box, or contact Tony  Giverin 905-989-0696 or Bev Hughes 519-666-0452. Know a teenager who needs community service credits? Volunteer for our Annual Family Day and earn mandatory school credits in community service! Contact any of the organizers for more information! Tony  Giverin 905-989-0696 or Bev Hughes 519-666-0452

Family day in Ilderton - Irv Gordon's Red P1800
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