President's Message 2023 - Spring (Spring'23)

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Hello everyone,

I hope you have been well!  It's never too early to start looking towards the driving season, and this year is no exception.  Your CVC Executive is busy beginning preparations for the annual Family Day event on July 23.  As noted elsewhere, we will be hosting the Family Day event at a new venue this year, on the grounds at the Waterloo Rod & Gun Club in St. Jacobs, ON.  Save the date (and note the location!)

Although this is a bit of a non-sequitur, this is also the year where 1998 model year cars turn 25 years old.  The first C/S/V70s are now part of the quarter-century club.  This makes me wonder how these later model P80s will be perceived as they enter "classic car" territory.  What will make a "good" classic car going forward?  These cars (at least in my area) are still present in relative quantity on the roads, and next year the first of the P2 platform cars will hit that mark.  I expect attrition will continue to hit these late 90s and early 00s cars hard over the next few years, leaving a smaller pool of preserved cars and survivors to carry the banner.  I think the time to start preserving these cars is now, so that future generations may enjoy them as we do the 544s, 1800s, and Amazons in the present.

Until next time, drive safely!

CVC President Matthew Boucher
Drive Safely



Matthew Boucher

Canadian Volvo Club


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